Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Consider 7 simple points before adopting the WCF

There are so many things you need to consider before opting any specific framework and technology for your system.  Here I am trying to highlight some basic points before adopting WCF:
1.       Don’t rebuild existing application just for the sake of using WCF.
2.       Do develop a detailed version of how one’s software should identically be constricted that take into the account.
3.       Do consider how to integrate one’s existing system with new services.
4.       Do specify base addresses of the services that are not hosted within IIS.
5.       Do specify base address and uses for all the transport protocols.
6.       Do specify endpoint addresses that are relative to the base addresses.
7.       Don’t use absolute addresses for endpoints.
In addition of these WSDL makes the integration tightly coupled.

Please share your experiences to make this discussion more healthy and fruitful for others where you realized and used WCF over Web API or ASMX.

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