Monday, December 23, 2013

Visual Studo Tips #1 NuGet (Install-Package The 'minClientVersion' attribute is not declared)

Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio IDEs are consolidating more power and attractive features day by day.. version by version. I fell the best thing about Microsoft platform is its intellesence, adoptive and integration capability with different components. 

Integration with the Nuget ( a free and opensource package manager for .Net framework) makes the IDE more powerful and facilitate us to work as an integrated environment. But sometime some simple things lives us in dark. Sometime the integration is not easy and simple things can eat hours from your valuable time.

Same thing happened to me. I got an error message, Install-Package  The 'minClientVersion' attribute is not declared, while installing a new package in my project. Message was not so clear and I tried to add that package multiple time and every time got the same message.

Basically this problem was due to old version of my NuGet Package Manager. And this required to upgrate your NuGet Package Manger before installing the package.

Now to upgrade your NuGet Package Manager to go Tools > Extensions and Updates...(refer the screenshot below)

   You will see the Pending updates and now .. Click Update on your NuGet Package Manger

 Once the Package Manager is updated it will ask to restart the Visual Studio IDE as highlighted in           screenshot below.

Restart your IDE and retry to install the package. It will work fine.

Happy programming .. :)

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