Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ultimate 30 Minutes

Millions or people, around the world round the clock, are contributing to the humanity. One of my friends has also decided to contribute one and half year of her life to the humanity and started serving for the mission. These people inspire us to work towards humanity. Humanity is humanity; it is not bounded with any religion, group of people or any cast or country. Humanity is beyond these. We have many people around the world who try to do something even better every day.

Today I walked a step ahead from the point where I was stood for a long time. In my native village I organized a small session this morning to know about the Younger. I was amazed to see the potential our youngsters have. Similarly also became surprised to see the lack of awareness, right approach, guidance and opportunities are not allowing them to amplify their potential.

To whom we should blame for that. There are many factors which we normally discuss, at tea time, in our offices. The only discussion doesn't bring any improvement but we lose our energy. I was regular watcher of “News point” and “Prime Time” for a long time and strongly believed that there is no one who thinks about the nation and the people, humanity is more far from them.

Our education system is playing more important role for limiting the awareness in the youngsters and the people have no options. In these days education sector has become an ultimate and most profitable commercial sector. There is no govt. and intellectuals body to watch the education pattern and implement the changes. Our government focus on mid-day meal, free books, free dresses blah blah blah .. everything they provide expect the good education. There are 3 government schools in my village with around 20 teachers and 100 students in total. The teacher, school and student ratio is far better than any public or international schools. But the education is zero. Nobody wants to send their children to the govt schools ether they are able to afford or not.

Although, few are doing remarkable efforts, getting success in carrier and creating the example for the next generation. But this is not enough. We seriously need to think about what we can contribute and what we can do. Donating in NGOs is also a high risky because most of them are not good and they use the money as Govt is applying for people welfare We must choose and should know about the NGOs before donating. Also there is nothing like if we could devote some of the valuable time in rural areas and could promote right approach and awareness in the peoples.

I am not sure if anyone will adopt my suggestions or not but these 30 minutes gave me immense pleasure and motivated me to keep trying for it. I’ll be success if I could change the life of even a single younger one.

All the best ...

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