Monday, May 27, 2013

Things that can bring considerable changes in society

It was my third day of “Smart Learning” classes in our native place. There is the group of children who are 13 to 20 years old and studying in different schools and colleges. Most of the children want to do something new in their life. But they don’t even know what that new thing is? Even in the age of 18-20 they don’t know what to do next but they still have the stamina to do something and remain motivated.

This is beauty and fortune of India that India has such people who never blame, in-spite of lack basic infrastructure people, children and everyone living without these are optimistic. They believe in change and bring change in their life and system.  These are common people always happy, always optimistic and always fearless.

Children are having a huge gap in the direction and the target. Most of them are aimless. They didn’t get proper guidance neither form the school nor from the society. What if the child cross the age of 20 and didn’t come to know that by himself that I could do this and I could do that. Because the time has passed and he/she just loosed those opportunities.

In the small towns, cities and villages there are many schools which are charging hefty amount for children’s future.  Better to not to discuss anything about government schools because these are just for nothing but only for vote bank and a golden hen. But what happen to private schools. Why after the 67 yrs of independence we could not improve the education system which is basic need for everyone in every area.  But what happened to public schools. If we go 15-20 years back we can see that the teaching and doctor were known as “Novel Profession” but these days I think the condition is just opposite.

Why we have become so selfish? Why do we not come forward for the welfare of the peoples, society, even after retirement people continue to earn and think of earning money? There are many teachers which I know personally was fantastic, knowledgeable and just outstanding in their early age. They guide and made the life of many students but after retirement or just before few years of retirement they lose the focus from what they were doing. They started different profession and search for the options of earning money.

Time never comes back. who is responsible for the children’s future, schools, family or we all ? We blame to the child and never think that what he/she could do without knowing that the preparation for type “A” should start from now and this is the pattern. I think at least the public school can take and initiative to promote some awareness programmers to the parents and the children. And we also can contribute something to guide the child in our neighbor and circle to make the children’s future bright. Because I think the education with proper guidance is the only mantra to change the future of everyone.

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