Monday, May 13, 2013

Raise your helping hands (II)...

Sometime I think that a child, in India, born with many personal as well as social responsibilities. On AIR FM, TV and newspapers we see many advertisements about “Ho Raha Bharat Nirvana”. Very rarely but sometime I listen to the honorable prime minister in speech, which is written so perfectly that I could not imagine if he is addressing about India or any developed country he just visited.

Well I am not blaming anyone here. Since these all is one of us or elected by us. So they are what we suppose to see in them. Now we shall talk about some basic social responsibilities.
As we know India is the second largest nation in the world with a population of 1.24 billion, accounting for nearly 18% of world’s human population. But there is nether basic infrastructure nor the good management or good governance. Also we can’t expect it from any government or our honorable “Members of Parliament”.
India is facing a huge gap between increasing urban population and available service and resources. Proper solid waste treatment is one of them. Current Solid Waste Treatment system is not sufficient and inviting potential threat to the public health and environmental quality. As we see in our houses we have many unused electric items, dead batteries, cells, scrap mobile, TV, radio and many other items like these which are having highly harmful and non-disposable components.
According to the Rule 2000 against the public interest litigation filed in Application No. 888 of 1996, Municipal authorities are responsible for implementing provisions of the 2000 rules. They must provide the infrastructure and services with regard to collection, storage, segregation, transport, treatment, and disposal of MSW. You can see more some interesting facts about good government and good governance form here.

Again I come to the point, as I said in the beginning my post, Indian children born with many social and personal responsibilities. So again we need to take the responsibility of it. We can make ourselves and the society aware about the following
  •  There is almost every known electronic companies like iPhone, Samsung, LG etc. offers the buyback facility. They buy the old, unused electronic item back and also offer some discount or coupons on next purchase. There might be some lose in comparative to selling those items to hawker. But it will be going to give a long term benefit to your generations.  
  • Nokia, Samsung, iPhone and other good companies takes the unused cell phones for recycling. So we can go to their store and can drop the electronic waste in their garbage collection box.
  • We can ask our company to fix a bin box in the campus for some small items like battery cells, mobile, laptop, computer batteries, and other small electronic items. And can further contact to Municipal office or any NGO to collect it from there on some duration.
  • We can ask school to keep the box to educate the children to drop their unused electronic gadgets, dead batteries cells that box.

Surly we can’t change the world but at least we can start with the hope that one day it will create the difference.

There are few references we can reach to “State pollution control board” and NGOs

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