Sunday, May 12, 2013

Digital world and we ...

Today I am writing long time back. I was busy with my project deliverable and some constraints like lack of time because of heavy traffic on the way and the most horrible electricity service in my state especially in Rural. I am neither consistent blogger nor professional but since I start writing on web I felt some changes. I always wish to get time for sharing something with the people.  

I think I need to change the title of my Blog page from “Techno Clue” to “something generic” because I feel and want to share some personal, political,  professional, market trends, technologies and other personal experiences about friends gossip,  surroundings, communities and peoples.

It can be the right approach, for some extends, to describe our expressions, feelings, problems and solutions.  It also represents us for some extends. Sometime it could not express the exact points/feeling because of the limitation of word and vocabulary but still it may help someone by any ways. I see many articles about the same topic with different scenarios, languages and different purpose. That means people get recurring problems, ideas, thoughts so why not to share the solution as well.

Digital media is also playing a very important role now a days and people are using it differently. In recent years digital media can help you to amplifying your words, thoughts, ideas, suggestion, concern or anything you speak or write.

 People are branding themselves using this media. Every organization keep a part from the budget for digital media even Govt. also do that. The same statements/promises are committed again and again with new rapper/channel and format.  It is a commercialize version of digital media. This is a separate forum of endless discussion.

Over the time, there is a thing with matters is your thought, your simplicity, your group of people (followers) and yourself. So be honest about what you do, what you think, what you give to the world.... 

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