Friday, May 31, 2013

5 points behind the success

History has thousands of incredible stories about the successful peoples. Who believed in changing the world and some of them inspired us to dive into the world of new possibilities. They gave different direction to our world, way of thinking and other possibilities. Some of them created an example of victory over almost impossible vision with unpredictable result. We have seen or read about them.

If I say a successful person, what does it means? Does it mean that the person has achieved what he desire? Does it mean the person has no scope further to grow and it’s their destination? But if I ask myself or others what is the success? I get no answer. That means Success has no definition it can’t be defined in the worlds or thoughts. Every individual has the different definition, goal, vision to achieve and it might be success in other’s word.

There are many stories behind the successful person, visions or ideas. But those stories also have many untouched, untold and dark chapters which is another aspect of the successful stories.

There is a very famous proverb about the successful person that the successful person rarely does the different things but they do the thing differently and I believe strongly in this.

In my thought these are 5 considerable points about successful stories

1. Believe in your dream
    Your dream and believe in those are more important than anything else. Dreams give you the power, a thought, to set the goal. If you dream and believe in those then one day you will do some effort for that and once you start moving towards that you will start believing more strongly. That will be the first step towards the story of another successful person.

2. Never lose the focus
    Once you qualify the first step you need to be more precise about your goal. Focus and determination will work like fuel. At the beginning you may get some hurdle but never get loose your focus and determination from the objective. Just rethink and try harder.

3. Grow with the peoples
     Every successful story starts with one’s dream and words. But the group of people makes that possible and converts those dreams/words in to the reality. So never forget the peoples who are behind you and contributing in every step you take forward. They believe in your dream and remain with you like a shield ever.

4. Motivation
     A very necessary part of the plan. You can’t move even a single step without motivation. Everything you do have motivation. It works in success as well as failure. Failure gives you the chance to think about the plan, cause and the approach but the motivation charge you to retake. It always encourages you to moving ahead with new possibilities.

5. Keep Moving    Success is a continuous process, and it doesn’t allow you to stay with some achievements. It demands study. It demands you to always thinking, working with more determination, and more believing in yourself, more focused and honest with the people and yourself. Setting a goal is just a step of a long .. long… and endless journey of success.

But before putting a step ahead we should stay for a while and think “Are we on right track?”

Finally never forgot to thanks the God to make it possible for you..

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