Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

One day I was sitting alone in silent, out of a sudden I start thinking about the article which I read some days before. How to turn your weaknesses into strengths, it is great and inspiring article written by Dave Kerpen (CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker)

He wrote about many qualities. Every weakness has its corresponding strength. Some people consider those, as weaknesses and some as strength. It depends upon the way we think.

I am sure that you have heard about a famous proverb “How do you see if a glass is half of water?”
It has different point of view and all depends how you see it. Some says it’s half full of water and some says it’s half empty of water.  But there is third point of view also. You can say this glass is completely full, half with water and half with Air.

We all have some strength as well as some weaknesses. Nobody is prefect in this world and there is always a scope of improvement.  We always keep trying in order to eliminate those weaknesses.
But are they really your weaknesses? What about our strengths? Do we equally recognize our strength? Do we put equal potential to bring those strengths towards perfection?  This is a topic of large debate and it varies from person to person. And here we need to be honest about ourselves while thinking it. 

Let’s do an activity. See the list of some of the topics as below and choose your biggest weaknesses. No need to be disappointed about the weaknesses because right side of every weakness has corresponding strength.

1) Disorganized ---> Creative or Flexible
2) Inflexible ---> Organized
3) Stubborn ---> Dedicated
4) Inconsistent ---> Flexible
5) Obnoxious ---> Enthusiastic
6) Emotionless ---> Calm
7) Shy ---> Reflective
8) Irresponsible ---> Adventurous
9) Boring ---> Responsible
10) Unrealistic ---> Positive
11) Negative ---> Realistic
12) Intimidating ---> Assertive
13) Weak ---> Humble
14) Arrogant ---> Self-Confident
15) Indecisive ---> Patient
16) Impatient ---> Passionate

Now it’s your turn to introspect yourself.  Accept your weaknesses, and instead of fixing those you need to work on your corresponding strength. As I have already said in the beginning of this article that there is always a scope of improvement. Only you need to initiate, you need to remove your hesitation for asking help from your colleagues, your friends or your reporting persons to fill the gap.

We generally create some perceptions about any person and try to justify that checklist every time we talk about them.  Is it really a right way to judging a person? Do we not have weakness?

Yes, we all have.  So instead of embarrassing someone lets join hands together to help each other to ensure the growth of everyone in our organization or society and make the world happy.

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