Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raise your Helping Hands..

One day I was sitting at my work station. , my mailbox sounds “Ping Ping...”, an email dropped in my inbox. I switch my application and opened the Outlook inbox. I saw the email was from the “Core Group”.  This group carryout many responsibilities. Employees send their suggestions and feedbacks to this group and after internal discussion they put those in front of management. You can say this group is the modern form of our traditional “Union”.

Seeing the content of email I was glad and feeling proud. That group took an initiative to help an orphan home. And they asked to donate unused Clothes, toys etc . I actively do this type of activity but at my own level. I never went to such platform, it was really appreciated and everybody should help others as much as possible.

After some time I went to cafeteria. As usual housekeeping boys were there. They take care of all facilities for everyone in the company. They regularly check coffee machines, water dispensers, utensils cleaning and many more daily activities.  They comes office very early and stay late. I didn’t know if they took any leave because I saw them almost every day I went office.

I took a cup of coffee and sit on a chair. Out of a sudden I thought about that email which I received and saw the face of one of the house keeping boy. I questioned myself “Do I know anything about him apart from his name?” and I was surprised oh…. Really not... Most of them are having families but we never tried to know about them. Where they live? Do their kids go to school? Are the able to get proper clothes, healthy food for their children and family members?

I am not opposing to help any orphan and old age home. In my opinion it is more divine than donating for Temple, Mosque, Church or Guru Dwara. But I asked myself “Why don’t we care about such peoples?” should we not try to know our surrounding? Should we not start helping the people like them if they are needy?

Is it qualifying us to register ourselves for helping our society and nation?

 Money is not only requirement to help the people.. you better know how can you raise your helping hand..

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