Thursday, April 25, 2013

Application domain is recycled on ?

One day I observe in our QA staging server a component ,StateManager, is writing the log for data initialization and its happing very unnatural. 
This component,"StateManager", follows the singleton pattern and it is responsible to keep all the static/configurable information at the time of very first request and should not reload until the service/sever is restarted. It is very heavy process and can affects the performance of the application and not affordable to load again n again.
I surprised to see the logs about the unexpected behavior of this component. 
After that I run many cases and read some articles to check the cause of re-initialization of this component and found some reasons as shown below. 
An application domain will unload when any one of the following occurs:
·         Machine.Config is modified
·         Web.Config is modified
·         Global.asax is modified
·         The bin directory or its contents is modified
·         The number of re-compilations (aspx, ascx or asax) exceeds the limit specified by the <compilation numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart=/> setting in machine.config or web.config  (by default this is set to 15)
·         The physical path of the virtual directory is modified
·         The CAS policy is modified
·         The web service is restarted
·         App_Code changes

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