Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Mistakes in PMP Exam

Every time, I go or prepare for any test/exam I usually ask myself “Am I ready for this test/exam???"  But sometime for some of the exams we don't need to check this. There are few exams that actually need some ability, your observation work skills and finally your experience in same way.

We visit here and there and read many articles and guidelines unnecessarily which we know very well.
PMP is also an exam of one of this category. I start reading a book and was impressed to see the "Paragraph" tells us about three serious mistakes we make in preparing for this exam.

1. Reading of every book we can find
2. Studying too long
3. Not listening the advices given in the book

These three lines are quite impressive. And if we introspect over selves, then we find that we do really the same thing.

1.  We try to collect more and more material before knowing the best and without discussing or taking help from the experienced person or group
2.  Because of lack or group discussion and improper guidance we study lot of material which is not useful too
3.  And the most import we don’t listen to the book or our consulting group.

The more important is to crack this exam is the group discussion with experienced people.

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